TinyUrl Improved

Free services are nice, but when you want extended features and flexibility, you sometimes have to built it yourself.

This Release: A Better Way to Prioritize

Assigning tasks a numerical priority is a waste of time. Try the This Release method instead and save yourself some stress.

The LEI Web Site Goes Live at Last!

This is a banner day. After several weeks of converting pages, writing new copy, and integrating new programming features, the new Logical Expressions Web site is alive and well.

Rural Broadband Update — Cellular at Last!

A tale of how getting cellular broadband has improved my computing life.

Logical Expressions Web Site Rebuild

My current project is to rebuild our company web site, and the experience is producing plenty of fodder for future Nerdy Musings articles. Which topics would you like to learn more about?

ASP Cache Options Debacle

Wrong documentation is worse than no documentation. I recently got to experience the frustration of following Microsoft’s instructions for an IIS configuration change, only to discover that the instructions were incorrect.

6 Keys to Programmer Productivity

This article gives you a few ideas for how you can evaluate and manage the environmental and procedural factors that contribute to poor productivity.

Breathless Development

Don’t let hype anxiety and career anxiety jeopardize your ability to deliver projects.

The VB Classic Debate

Many Visual Basic developers are upset by Microsoft’s plans to scrap the very language that put them on top of the development environment heap.

Rural Technology Experiences

Setting up a home office in a rural area teaches you to appreciate urban technological amenities.