7 Benefits of Formal Procedures

Seven reasons why anything worth repeating is worth systematizing and suggestions for how you can prevent good procedures from going bad.

Software Design – Part 3

Learn how a data flow diagram can help you design.

Software Design – Part 1

Define your goals before you start coding software.

Replace Your Mail Links with a Contact Form

Using a contact form instead of an email link on your Web site allows you to hide your email address from spammers, yet still gives your customers a way to contact you

The Five Stages of Burnout

Some jobs can cause serious grief.

Building HTML Tables with XSL

Learn how to transform XML data into an HTML table with variable data.

Where Has All the Notation Gone?

When did creating maintainable code become uncool?

The Requirements, They Are a-Changing

Learn to deal with changing requirements throughout your software project lifecycle.

Software Design – Part 2

Going from a list of requirements to the analysis phase.