Sending Multi-Part Emails from ASP.NET

Make your recipients and the spam cops happy by sending multi-part plain text and HTML email messages.

Using Declarative Referential Integrity in SQL Server

The next time you are designing a new application database or adding new tables to an existing database, take a few moments to think about how you can leverage the DRI features of SQL Server to make your development life a little easier.

Creating Custom Configuration Sections in ASP.NET

Use the ASP.NET configuration system to add complex configuration structures to Web.config.

How to Gather Comprehensive Business Requirements for a Database Application

A database design begins when you sit down with your customers and learn the business requirements for your application.

Using Logical Operators with Non-Boolean Expressions

Although VB’s logical operators are conceptually quite simple, they can be the source of elusive bugs.

Register/Unregister Your Executables from Explorer

If you frequently work with ActiveX (COM) components, you’ll appreciate knowing how to add DLL registration to your right-click menu in Windows Explorer.

How to Redirect Folder Requests with ASP.NET

Give your visitors a simple mnemonic URL that takes them to a specific location on your site without creating IIS virtual directories.

Find Scripts Quickly in SQL Server Management Studio

You’ll love this tip if you are tired of navigating all over your hard drive to find your scripts from inside SQL Server Management Studio.

Coding Transactions in Transact-SQL

This article demonstrates a pattern for coding transactions using Transact-SQL in SQL Server stored procedures.

Write Your Own .NET RSS Feed in C#

Program an RSS feed for your Web site using C# and the .NET framework.